Tuesday, September 18, 2007

White Food

A few months ago I was in Vancouver. In our search for a local restaurant, we asked the Asian young woman working at the clothing store where my wife and I were shopping. She gave us a referral to a restaurant that we had seen previously that looked like an equivalent of Applebee's. When I asked her what type of food they served it sounded like she said Wild Food. I asked her again and she said "White Food". Trying to figure out what white food was, I asked what kind of entrees they had. Her response was they had grilled chicken, burgers, pizza, pasta, etc.

While it was amusing to hear this, it was also pretty offensive. How dare she clump two major continents, North America and Europe into one category and call it White food. I have seen people get stares for calling sushi restaurants Chinese food. And here this young lady is taking food from 1 billion different people and making a blanket statement that we all like French Fries, Mayonaisse, and Peanut Butter and Jelly. By no shape or form am I any sort of white power proponent but as caucasians, we should have some better food types represent us in the eyes of other nationalities.

On a side note, pastas should be considered Asian not "white food" since Marco Polo took this from the East and brought it back to the Italians.