Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Charice on Glee - An Old Man's Thoughts

I have been bad mouthing Charice for a couple years on this blog since Oprah called her the most talented girl, which we all know she is not but she does possess the ability to sing other people's songs to a certain degree of capability.

She can be shrilly, and overly cutesy for my taste, which is impeccable. So when a friend passed along information that Charice will be joining Glee next season, my first reaction was "huh"? Then it turned into, "That makes sense. Let other 14 year olds will bad taste in music enjoy her massacring classic songs that I enjoyed by the original artists".

Now to go off on a bit of a tangent - Hey young America - get some originality. Quit taking the music I grew up with and recording it. Stop taking television shows like A-Team and 90210 and making them more current. And for God's Sake, I sacrificed and let you mess with the cherished Karate Kid. DON'T TOUCH TOP GUN!!!