Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Emily Bear Not Charice - Most Talented

So this girl Charice, the one who Oprah thinks is the 'Most Talented Girl Alive' has had some accomplishments lately. She has teamed up with a bunch of has beens from the Love FM favorites like David Foster and Celine Dion. In addition, she performed in her home country to the king. Also, she has that hit song on the radio. What is it called......? Oh, that's right, she doesn't have one because he is rehasher of old songs everyone is sick of and performs for grannies.

Ellen DeGeneres may be on to the child who possesses real genius. Her name is Emily Bear, a prodigy pianist who has written over over 130 songs. Emily is remarkable playing her own compositions as well as jazz and classical masterpieces. Not only is she impeccable but seems to geniunely enjoy herself, becoming engulfed in the music, not like some of these stiff dorks who play out of fear their tighted briefed fathers will berate them if they fail. In addition, Emily has performed not for some mediocre king but for an actual US President, albeit George W. Bush.

I love Emily Bear and can't wait to see her when she tours Chicago to see Ravninia over the summer. She is cute, intelligent, and has an actual talent - music performance and composition. You go Emily!!! I now dub you "The Most Talented Girl Alive".