Thursday, September 18, 2008

Best Anti-Bush Songs

Our country was founded on the media questioning authority. Thomas Paine and his publication "Common Sense" help to gain public support for a government free of the British. Today we have our own set of Thomas Paine's in the rock world. They sing about their woes about Bush, and I am not talking about the lame band from Gavin Rossdale (wokka wokka wokka). So in honor of America, here are the three best Anti-George Bush songs that I can think of at the moment:

3. American Idiot Greenday - Very catchy song. A lot of hooks and a cool guitar intro. The song speaks the truth about a redneck agenda and how Bush has created a nation in fear that allows him to do the weird crap he is doing around the globe to smear our country (Iraq, Abu Ghraib, Guatanamo Bay)
2. Megalomaniac Incubus - No hidden message in this one. Bush is an ass who is no Jesus or Elvis. The song points out that Bush is not the appointed one by God to rescue our country in preparation of the rapture. I like how they mention they would like to have a scissor fight in the pricinpal's office with George.
1. Intervention Arcade Fire - More of an anti Iraq song but I am too lazy to think of a third. The song references how the president is sending soldier to war to die for Bush's religious war. The haunting lyrics are sung " I care not if you kneel" and "working for the church while your family dies" drive home that point. This song gets number one ranking because it is actually the best song from one of the best bands in recent memory. Buy Neon Bible if you haven't already

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Charice Pempengco, Why does oprah care?

My wife likes to watch Oprah. I sometimes listen in to what is going on because I like to keep in touch with my what she is in to. So, Oprah has this girl on Charice Pempengco, this Filipina singer who sounds like a rock star from the karaoke circuit.

I cannot see why Oprah would dedicate a whole show to this minimal talent hack. Somehow this poor little girl from a shack in a ghetto is able to upload her lame performance of Whitney Houston's 'I Got Nothing' on YouTube and learn to speak perfect English. Did she learn this while she was letting her dad kick beat up her mom? The love fest continued for an hour as everyone kept gushing about Charice and how much she overcame and all the good things in the future with her vocal ability.

I haven't been this irate since America kept voted for the leprechaun David Archuleta. Perhaps I can see how some fifty year old ladies would think she has talent and is going to take over mainstream radio. But anyone who appreciates music will see Charice as a glorified, little talent nice story but please keep her in perspective. She cannot write music, has the depth of a puddle, and does little to inspire.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Escaping Lifetime Child Center

I had an interesting experience yesterday at Lifetime. We were visiting as my in-laws joined up. Since I hadn't left Jake in the day care center before and knew he was a bit clingy, I thought it would be good to let him play there while I watched him from a distance.

I started to walk away while Jake played with the Little People farm. See me walking away, he darted towards me. I knelt down and told him that "Daddy was going to walk away" and for him to be a big boy and play with the farm. The employee asked if she wanted me to hold him so that I could escape the play area.

Of course, I refused but it made me wonder what kind of parent would be okay with that. "Please body slam my child so I can get some chiseled abs". Unfortunately, it sounds like it must be a frequent enough request that it even be proposed.