Saturday, July 5, 2008

US Magazine Patronizing

I thought my life could use a little bit of fluff, so I started a subscription to US magazine. I enjoy selecting which actress wore a particular dress the best and reading the sarcastic comments losers from Project Runway have to say about Maggie Gyllenthal's dress.

The part of the magazine I find the most patronizing is the "Just Like Us!" section. Here the reader can see all of the similarities they share with the reader. For example:
  • They eat popcorn as the movies
  • They wipe their ass
  • They enjoy lunch
  • They walk
In this week's installment, I find out another similarity I share with celebrities. They, like me, get overheated!!! I can't believe they actually have a central cooling system within their bodies. They actually perspire when the temperature rises above 100 and need enjoy cool air circulating. I feel quite a bond to Antonio Banderas now.