Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Words Used Unnecessarily

I did a blog a bit about about "ending sentences with so", which is a bit annoying. By listening to others, I have found some more terms that are equally bothersome when used in sentences:
  • Obviously - People seem to toss this in when the subject matter is not obvious. For example, "I like the shoes, so obviously I bought three pairs." Why is it obvious that you would buy three pairs. If you liked them, then I would think you would buy one pair
  • You Know - This is very similar to obviously. "I hate my mom 'you know'." How would I know that. She gave you life and sacrificed a lot for you. My mom is cool.
  • Honestly - People throw this in thinking you are talking bullshit to them all of the time. "Honestly what do you think about her." Are people's friends and family really that deceiving that you have to preface a request for an opinion by asking "Honestly"?
There you have it. So obviously if you run into a tall screwy haired looking dude tell him honestly is he that neurotic, you know.

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