Thursday, May 20, 2010

Charice's Album Drops and Sinks

Time for more Charice hating!!!

Again, I am sure she is a lovely person and I hope she has a happy, healthy life.

Oh C'mon Old America. I am not buying the crappy package you are selling. I am in my early thirties (for another month anyway) and don't care for a little puppet girl singing songs that no one like 10-20 years ago.

Her album was released at number 8 last week selling a total of 43,000 albums. It looks like all of the people who claim to love her didn't go out and shed any money on their hero. Amazon is even giving away "In This Song" for free. Compare Charice to Susan Boyle who sold over 700,000 albums on her first week.

She is no Bowersox or Taylor Swift. Even with Oprah's big push to get this girl some scratch, the nation isn't buying it. Please stop forcing Ms. Pempengo into our lives.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We'll see who will be around in 5-10 years...Charice or Susan?

Anonymous said...

what are you? a junior high school 'meangirl', pretending to be a father?

why are you acting like you're still in junior high???

an old guy picking on a teenaged girl...way to go, ahole!

Doris said...

I am surprised about what you said about Charice because in the "About Me" section you said you are the champion of the little guy. Charice is probably the littlest of the littlest. Had to sing for her meal, eating out of tin cans when she was a kid. They did not even have a bed, just a small mat they borrowed to sleep in. She was left as a toddler by her abusive father. So I am surprised that you spewed so much venom on her. She is just trying to make a living. The least you can do is say nothing, and leave the girl alone. That would have been more respectful and dignified, as what you would have decribed of yourself as a "champion". Is it just lip service then on what you said about you said about yourself? If that were the case, then your words reflect much of your ideals, and describing yourself as "champion of the littlest" smacks of hypocricy. It is not bad to express an opinion but if you start saying things in a disrepectful manner, it is also reflective of someone's character, as obviously civility already disappeared, and bitterness from past experiences rears its ugly head and shows in the way how we treat others. May you enjoy the life that you have and may you never be in the same end of fate as the people whom you choose to be cruel to.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think Charice will be around, but will continue to shell out her low-class voice!! However, I don't think people really took notice of her here in the US!!

Charice is now an ADULT you idiots!! She is not a kid anymore!!