Friday, July 20, 2007

Cool Music For Old Guys

Here is Chicago there is a radio station WXRT. They think they are cool because they play the new song by the Rolling Stones or some crappy John Mayer song. Every once in a while, they mix it up by playing a blues song by Buddy Guy. Perhaps, some dude in his 50's might get the illusion that he is happening by blaring this on his European convertible but in reality, it is lameola!!

Trying to stay hip after the age of thirty takes a good commitment. You have to be able to listen to new stuff and a lot of it is bad. I know I find my way over to the oldies station or listening to lite Jazz, which plays George Benson, Sade, and Robin Thicke. The four concerts I have gone to or am going to this year are Morrissey, The Police, Genesis, and The Cure.

Based on different reviews I read and people whose taste I respect, I download some songs to hear some of the newer artists. Below is a list of artists that people over 30 can listen to and feel somewhat legitimately cool but not look as if they are trying hard:

* Amy Winehouse - You may have been disappointed by how boring Nora Jones is. Amy doesn't have the soft sultry voice but packs a powerful wallop of soulful fun songs.
* Death Cab For Cutie - Some songs are hit and miss and the singer's voice is a little effeminate but the songs are all very catchy and easy to bounce or have a background music.
* Lilly Allen - The cool version of Gwen Stefani. Like Amy, another British chick with some spunk with songs that are fun with great lyrics. Give a listen to LDN or Alfie.
* Muse/Killers - They are too different bands but have the same feel - Modern Rock with retro synthesizers. The only difference is Muse is less lame.
* Arcade Fire - A more edgy Bon Jovi. They aren't soft and sissy like Dashboard Confessional and some of their songs have some great lyrics, like Intervention.

There you go. You have been spared from Fergie and Daughtery

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