Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What Is Wrong With Mark on 'Age of Love'?

Mark, Mark, Mark. You are beginning to scare me with the people that you are letting go on the program. Last week you got rid of Lynn, the most attractive of the 40 year old group, and this week you give the axe to Tessa. What is more disturbing is that you kept on Crazy Mary who cries she realizes her shoes are untied. Can anyone look at this picture and choose Mary over Tessa.

There was one aspect of last nights show that redeemed Mark in the eyes of all guys. When Amanda asked him about the other women he had kissed, he replied that "I may have kissed the other girls but you are the only one that I 'kiss kissed'." Anyone with any amount of common sense could tell that this was a bunch of semantic crap. But, little Amanda-the fake breasted hockey cheerleader-ate it right up. Way to go Mark Philipoupopussossuoss.