Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Enough With David Archuleta

I never quite got David Archuleta and why the judges/voters on American Idol kept persisting he was fantastic. The little 17 year old dork with the horsey voice and the aw-shucks attitude just rubbed me the wrong way. He seemed nice enough but I couldn't figure out why the judges, especially Simon projected him to win the entire competition shortly after Hollywood week. Week after week of horrible adult contemporary songs like Another Day in Paradise, Imagine, one of the bad Beatle songs kept getting me fired up. What was wrong with me that I am the only one that can see this guy sucks.

At last a chink in the armor last night. After his performance of what to me sounded like some Christian Rock song (Oo ooh-ooh-ooh) my wife looked and me and told he she wasn't into it. Randy still had the myopia and said that it was a hot one. Paula mummbled some non sense about what she loved about David was that he stayed true to who he was. At last Simon broke him down and said that it sounded like a theme park performance where he could imagine animated creatures around him. Yes! Vindication!!

Finally, I can rest assured that I am not the crazy one. Sorry David. I wish you well on your cameo in the next High School Musical film, but hope your time on American Idol comes to an end shortly.


robluvskristin said...

I hope he goes home too. I really cant stand him. Everything is really happy go lucky and dorky. I like unique performers and to me his is just run of the mill seen a million.

Tasha said...

I am SO glad I'm not the only one who sees this! I try REALLY hard each week to see/hear what all of these screaming girls do, and all I end up getting is a voice that sounds nasal, and a nervous, twitchy, I'm-gonna-pass-out-if-I-have-to-speak-- personality. BORING, NERDY, and probably would have as much success as Taylor Hicks. Yet, will probably make it to the final two--and come close to winning. UGGGGGGGGGH.

Anonymous said...

I never liked him and I am glad to see there are others out there who are thinking the same. Unfortunately, the song genres fit him and his fans (conspiracy theory? he he he); he will do well with Neil Simon songs. I wouldn't be surprised if the following weeks the genre was gospel or Christian contemporary to really showcase him. If AI was brave enough to choose genres like rock-metal or punk he might not fair so well, but keep expecting genres that will suit him.

Anonymous said...

David Archuleta's voice is so flat; there is no depth to it. It's incredibly boring and every one of his performances is forgettable. I am appalled every time the judges lavish praise on him. I'm wondering if this competition is rigged? He also has zero stage presence.

Anonymous said...

I just google "is it just me or does david archuleta sucks"

And its really driving me nuts. the kid ruins every nice song out there with the crazy run offs... he doesn't even have a nice voice IMHO... but thats not even the point.

Anonymous said...

He has no versatility. Its ballads or nothing. He can't sing anything that is up tempo as evidenced by his song choice during the final 3. Then, he does "Longer" and its back to normal with the judges. Another Clay Aiken broadway type.

David Cook is by far the most talented person on the show. Very diverse, good voice. He'll go the way of Daughtrey if he loses.

Anonymous said...

Look at David now.
Guess you all spoke too soon, hm?

David Archuleta = Best thing to ever happen in the music industry.