Monday, March 24, 2008

Lifetime Fitness - Oy Vey

Yesterday was Easter and my wife, son, and I were going to go to Lifetime Fitness to do some exercise. This is a big step, especially since this is the first time my wife was going to let him be in the hands of people we have never met before. We are aware of the holiday so we call ahead of time because initially, we wanted to go in the pool. Here is a transcript of my phone call to Lifetime to see if the pool is open.

Guy: "Lifetime Fitness"
Me: "Hi. I was calling to see if you have family swim today"
Guy: "I am sorry we don't because of the holiday"
Me: "Oh. Well is the child center open today?"
Guy: "It is. Let me see. Oh! It opens at 9:00"
Me: "Great. Thank you. Bye"

So, we make our way out there, pack the big diaper bag. Put my son in his jacket, which he hates. We drive 10 minutes to the health club, unbuckle him and sift through the half dozen bags we brought to find the membership card. We walk in, go down the long hall, and see that the child center lights are off.

I walk up to the guy at the membership desk, Jeff, and I say to him, "Jeff. Why did you tell me the child center was open. This is a big inconvenience?" Jeff replies that he is sorry and I go to speak with the front desk supervisor and tell her she needs to communicate changes in schedules to her staff. After tap dancing for two minutes she finally apologizes but it really just soured my mood.

I did end up going later on and they played the same songs they always seem to play - "Oh, Pretty Woman", "Californication" , some Ashley Simpson song where she acts like a femmebot, and James Blunt's "You're Beautiful". I watched some of the tournament on the TV, which, by the way, if I am paying $125/month and you aren't going to give each treadmill a personal TV, can't you at least afford HD?

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