Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jake's Favorite Things

Baby Jake has recently turned 8 months and he is the most perfect baby in the post-cold war era. (The most perfect baby during the cold war was the little Shirley Temple). He can now roll, crawl somewhat, blend his cries with his laughter, and do raspberries. As a tribute to him, I am publishing this top five things in the world:

1. Ceiling Fans: The little guy can't get enough of seeing the magical wheel spin in the sky. It keeps going and going providing an endless supply of draftiness mixed with entertainment.

2. Banging Things: While in the tub, Baby Jake takes the plastic Nemo and bangs him against the side. During feedings, he bangs his open palm on the tray. During Playtime, he takes his block and bangs it against the train. In front of the piano, his little damp fingers bang on the black and whiles. This little boy love to bang.
Cutest Baby Ever

3. Tad the Counting Frog - Whenever the little guy gets all worked up - crying and such, I press Tad's foot and he starts to speak - "Hi. I'm Tad. Sing a counting song with me." Upon which, he counts to ten and daddy makes him dance.

4. Elmo - At least it is better than Barney.

5. Mommy- I'll admit that Jake loves his mommy more than me. However, she had a nine month start of getting to know him and she nurses him a couple times a day.

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