Sunday, August 19, 2007

Open Letter to Prick at Woodfield

Dear Jerk,

For some reason you think it is cool to take off your factory installed quality muffler that reduces the level of noise you have on your automobile and replace it with a piece of crap devise that makes it sounds as if your engine came from John Travolta's garage from Rydel High.

The truth is that you are a spoiled, little prick who deserves to be kicked in the balls repeatedly. Your mommy and daddy must have not been present during your upbringing and so you desperately have to rely on upsetting strangers to get any attention.

If you are that much in need for parental advice, I will give it to you. Quit being an asshole. No one likes you!!! It isn't right to rev your engine in a parking garage when people are pushing their babies in strollers. Go study and maybe you can contribute to society instead of being a pimple on the ass of mankind.

Thank you,

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