Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Selective Liberalism

The liberal mind is a wonder. Everyone has come across the types who are very free spirited. In fact, I love being around these types of people because I espouse many of the same views.

One trait that the liberal mind is especially proud is its open mindedness. They can accept someone who has an outlandish point of view. If someone worships a pineapple, then that is cool. If they find solace in camping in a desert, doing mind altering drugs, and having unprotected promiscuous consensual sex, then that is cool. If someone spends every week going to an established religious institution like a church or temple, they are idiots!

This type of mentality is what I like to call "Selective Liberalism". Those on the far left wing are accepting of unconventional behavior but frown on those who go about their way of life in a traditional manner. If one possesses an open mind, they should be tolerant of all types of beliefs, whether they be towards the more avante garde or Main Street USA. We should all strive to be more like Lisa Simpson in this way.

Albeit human nature, I try to make a conscious decision to be minimize the level of self righteousness I possess. The only things I am critical of are hypocrites.

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