Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Name the Idiot!!

Alright. It is time to play a new game called "Name the Idiot". I am going to list a bunch of facts about someone and you try to guess who I am talking about:

1. I am running for President
2. I think that people inflicted with AIDS should be sent to an island isolated from the rest of society
3. I think that if you are not an evangelical, born again, or baptism Christian, you are not going to heaven
4. I go out of my way to parole rapists who go on to rape and kill other women
5. I want to raise everyone's taxes
6. I think if we stopped abortion, we wouldn't have any more problems with immigration
7. I think that evolution isn't for real. Science is silly. The world started 6,000 years ago, like the bible says.
8. While I was governor, I set up a wedding registry at Target when I renewed my vows so tax payers could buy me stuff
9. I used $60,000 of tax­payer fund for personal expenses like dog food, pantyhose and meals at Taco Bell
10. I hail from Arkansas
11. I lost over 100 pounds
12. I hate gays

WHO IS THIS IDIOT...... (Highlight the row below for answer)
Mike Hukabee

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