Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spider Tiger

There has been a lot of skeptism on the tiger Tatiana from the San Francisco zoo. Was he taunted, molested, given a pole vault, given a suspension bridge, carried by seagulls? These should not be ruled out as possible ways in which he escaped.

In addition to graduating in the top 75% of my high school class my knowledge also comes from watching summer blockbusters. This has lead to my theory on the mysterious Tatiana's escape - Spider Tiger. Yes Tatiana was bitten my a genetically modified spider that bit her in the touchas. As a result, she was filled with rage and super tiger powers enabling her to jump a 15 foot moat and climb a 10 foot fence.

Luckily Murdock and Riggs were on the scene to bust a cap but not before Spider Tiger was able to maul two children and kill another young adult (cue the Celine Dion song).

On a serious note - Happy New Year Yo!

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Joe said...

Is Murdock and Riggs an attempt for a Lethal Weapon reference? If so, Murdock is wrong. Or is it a cross A-team/Lethal Weapon reference?