Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is David Archuleta A Good Singer

We are mere hours before David Archuleta gets crowned 2008 American Idol. I still don't get it but I accept it. To me he is like Queen Latifah or Andie McDowell. People tell me they are beautiful. I really have no attraction to either one of them. Queen Latifah weigths two Kelly Picklers and Andie McDowell has funky teeth. Yet, there they are on Maybelliene commercials selling cheap make-up to millions of women. I could name artists too - Picasso, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollack - do you think someone is going to look back in 200 years and say, "Damn look at that splattered crap". My son could do that much better and incorporate Cheerios and carrots.

It is the same with "Archu". I don't think he can sing or at least he can sing but I hate his town. Real singers had powerful voices like Elvis, Roger Daltry, or Sammy Hagar. They are not whinny wusses like Archu or John Mayer. But American seems to be keen on the little Utah kid. So, rather than fight the tide, I surrender.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, you and Archuleta have the same first names, did you know that?