Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Labatomy or Cancer

So there is this thing on my head for the last two years or so. I kept thinking it was a scab that would almost go away and they reappear. My justification that is was reappearing was that I am a wild sleeper and probably scrape against the pillow and reinjure the wound.
Last weekend my wife presuaded me to see the dermatologist who quickly diagnosed it as a malignant tumor. He scratched it off like a sushi chef, told me to put bacitracin on it, and covered it with a band aid. The tumor he put in a jar to have a biopsy performed. Yesterday I got the call that it was a indeed the big "C" and I would have to come back in a few months to see if it returned.
My neighbor looked at my scab from where the tumor had been on my head and says "What did you have, a labotomy." I replied, "No its basal cell carcinoma! (under breath: Prick)". I suppose, this is my punishment for posing the not too congenial question to my family at the Thanksgiving table about what type of cancer they would rather have. Mine was always skin cancer.

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