Thursday, May 15, 2008

Randumb Thoughts

  • Way to go putting the Polar Bears on the Endangered Species List Bush administration
  • Poor Chinese people in that earthquake. I can only imagine the devastation. It makes Katrina look not so bad.
  • Sure the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in 100 years but what about the Royals. Have they every broken .500?
  • Although I don’t care for his singing, that Archuleta seems like a nice kid. I thought it was sweet when he wondered where everyone parked for his homecoming
  • Has there been a cuter, funnier boy in existence than my son?
  • Gasoline prices are pretty elastic. Even though they are hitting $4.00/gallon, I don’t see anyone changing their habits
  • Why is Portuguese supposed to be such a hard language to learn
  • I am going to see “The Cure” on Saturday and I am geeked. I was supposed to see them 20 years ago at Dodger Stadium with Love and Rockets but my mom made me perform in the school marching band that night.

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