Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Boynton Knows The Toddler Mind

That Sandra Boynton knows how to write a book that kids will want their parents to read over and over again. I speak from experience as I have read Snuggle Puppy and It's Pajama Time over 200 times each. That is without any exaggeration. There is now no other book in the world that I have read more times that It's Pajama Time. Only Ten Little Ladybugs comes close.

As Jake's interest in these types of books increased, our expenditure for these also have. Now we have the complete library, including two copies of But Not The Hippopotamus. Of these, Doggies, Moo, Baa, La, La, La and Horns to Toes are writings that I can repeatedly read without getting completely crazy.

The pictures are cute with the little animals having unique expressions. The stories are fun and light hearted. Some of the books are educational while others are upbeat and show compassion. Sandra Boynton gets my lowest rating ever of 9 thumbs up out of ten.

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