Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lame Liberal Boycotts

I am staunch supporter of protests. I'll honk when I see union people striking. I' burned an effigy of Mel Gibson in the town hall after his anti-semitic tirade.

I usually take the passive aggressive approach myself in the form of boycotts. Some companies I am currently boycotting are Cracker Barrel for ruining my Vegas trip, Jiffy Lube for having ex con pull their flim flam and charge you 50 bucks for an oil change, and any thing with Rachel Ray because she annoys me.

Reminiscing on my boycott history I recall some of the crazy products my old hippie friends in college advised me to stop using. Snapple, I was told, I shouldn't use because the company was "anti abortion". Guess what, I am anti abortion too but I am still pro choice. Other than one dreadlocked dude giving me this information I didn't have anything to validate this with.

For the experience, I went to a Grateful Dead concert in 1994. While walking through the parking lot, I had a longneck of Budweiser. People looked at me as if I were in a SS soldiers uniform. One tie dye wearing sole told me that Budweiser gave money to the DEA. That's great!!! Why do I want more crack, heroin, and cocaine in this country.?

Do I have a point, not really. Just that you shouldn't protest because you hear one filthy person's perspective. Just this week, I received an email with a fabricated story about Barrack Obama was a closet Muslim radical who is going to blow up the world. Please check multiple sources before you believe anything. I should know, my lineage is of royalty.

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