Sunday, January 6, 2008

Political Endorsements

Historically, politicians sought endorsements from large blocks of constituents, like the teamsters, law enforcement, or teacher's union. In modern elections, elected officials seek and use celebrities to show the public that they are in the cool crowd and to assist in campaign contributions. The recent trend has been to have also have an evangelical leader show their support. The 2008 election has its share of Hollywood people who read other people's lines and religious zealots to lend their hand to help their candidates.

Mike Huckabee - My nemesis has shown his hipness by shilling Chuck Norris on the campaign trail. I am not sure what credibility the bearded weirdo can contribute. All I know of Chuck is that he did some kung fu movies and cast the deciding vote to allow Average Joe's to compete in the movie Dodgeball.

Barak Obama - Obama has the ultimate in celebrity endorsements, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is on the trail and can use her large caucus of viewers, readers, and dieters to put Mr. Obama over the top.

Hillary Clinton - Mrs. Clinton has garnered Barbra Streisand. No big surprise here.

Rudy Guiliani - Rudy has Pat Robertson helping him out. This is big for Rudy since other Republicans think he is a unscrupulous schmuck for divorcing and marrying his lover. For some reason God has used Pat Robertson as his vehicle to speak to America. Last week Pat (from God, of course) indicated that we are headed to a Recession and world wide violence.

John Edwards - Tim Robbins is on board. Kevin Bacon is too.

Ron Paul - No one has spoken out vocally, but I think that the kook Howie Mandel is a fan.

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