Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gross Act of Kindness

When I think back to some of the disgusting things I have done in my life, surprisingly, not too many things pop up. I suppose I am pretty pompous. True, I was a janitor as Disneyland for four summers. On one occassion I did pick up a cheeseburger that had been thrown away, put it in my pocket and ate it later. But, it was on the top of the heap, was completely wrapped up in it's McDonald's wrapping, and had not bite marks or larva on it. The image of George Constanza eating the donut comes to mind.

Recently, I did do something one could construe as being gross. I see it as an act of kindness. My son, Baby Jake (who shortly will be little Jake), had a bad cold. He kept having boogers flushing out of his nose. Wanting to clear his nasal passage, I took the aspirator and sucked out all that was avaiable. He did not take too kindly to this and any sane person would take exception if someone tried to insert a large plastic bubble in their nostril.

To prevent this from happening again, I put my mouth over his nose and sucked. The mucus came into my mouth and I immediately spit it into a napkin and washed out my mouth. Gross? It is hard to argue otherwise. However, it is also a noble act as Jake was most appreciative.

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BuzPlanner said...

Noble act of kindness? Perhaps a loving father... you be the judge! - But as your friend, I say that it's pretty gross! Now I'll never be able to look at you or Jake the same way... HA! HA! HA!