Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Liberal Snob

I am not partial to one political party or the other. They both have major downsides - self-righteous pompous jerks on both sides who won't try to compromise on anything. I do have a specific beef with the selective liberals (see earlier blog). These are folks who are open to the most bizarre deviant behavior and mock those who lead a normal life.

The main weapon of the selective liberal is their dollar store vocabulary. They believe if they drop words such as nepotism, gentrification, and nihilism they have a thought process that is greater than the general public. In truth, the selective liberal is nothing more than a thinly veiled insecure individual who because they did not succeed in sports or have a tolerance for lactose, they have to fill that deficiency.

People - why can't find a common denominator in life and use this as a basis to get along. Since sports seems to be somewhat exclusionary, I nominated American Idol.

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