Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Old Man Shlong at Lifetime Fitness

5:00 Lifetime Fitness. The place is pretty packed for a Wednesday morning and overall, I was happy with the experience. I am jealous that my Lifetime is only a platinum gym whereas the one opening up in Vernon Hills is Onyx. But, I am happy to learn new precious gems.

The music was hot, if this was 1996. The cool 90s songs including Bush - "Come Down" and the Gin Blossoms "Hear It From You". They actually played a somewhat new song - "Clumsy by Fergie". The Temptations "My Girl" was busted out. What amused me about this is how unpolished they were for their dance moves.

After my workout, I hit the shower. My routine is get undress quickly and jump in the shower. I then dry off and get dresses. This is a process one would think would be how most people going to the gym before work. For some reason when I exit the shower there is an old chubby guy chilling in his birthday suit talking to another old naked guy. Never in my life would I want to have a naked penis conversation with my friend, but apparently old guys are okay with it. At least I have motivation to keep my weight off. Otherwise, I would tubby up and not be able to keep the towel around my waist.

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