Wednesday, April 2, 2008

They Got Me With Fake Review

My blood began to boil yesterday as I was driving home listening to NPR. They gave a glowing review of someone named Simon Fuegel's lastest composition with some song called 'B-Flat'. The critic stated how he had been mesmerized listening to the song in recent days. They then played the track which started out with a trombone playing the whole note b-flat. You know the one between A and B, sometimes known as A sharp. The song progressed with additional solo instruments playing the same note.
I kept thinking this was a bunch of pretentious crap. The final instrument was a synthesizer. The critic spoke about the commentary this gave about our times - Progress, technology, and fabrication. At this point, I wanted my contribution back. I could not believe I was paying money for this hooey or there had to be a 'gotcha' at the end. When I got back home I told my wife about how ridiculous this was and how my 17 month old son could already write better music.
This morning I found it was all an April Fool's Day joke. They got me and thank heavens or else I would have had to switch to Limbaugh. Here is the link to the full bogus story.

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Heather said...

thanks for your reference--i'd heard about the npr clip later yesterday and thought it sounded hilarious. when i did a google search your blog is what linked me to the clip. despite the bogus story, though, B-flat is actually an amazing note, like if you wanna rile an alligator, something physics-wise about that note will get 'em going!
have a good one,
Red Dowg