Monday, April 21, 2008

Too Sarcastic for Own Good

Today I had a bit of an eye opening experience. My family, our neighbors, and I went to a local little pub for some dinner. I know that we can be a waitress worst enemy. Our son has allergies so we have to reinforce that there cannot be fish or dairy near his food, we ask for extra plates, napkins, and we ask for lots of bread (otherwise the youngin' gets feisty).

The waitress took us on like she was Roy Jones Jr. "Bring it on, you biatches" was how she responde to each request, and she did so with a smile. At the end of the dinner, I remarked to the other couple, "She was the best waitress I had in 2 years." My other dude responded, "Well I thought she did a good job." To which I had to state that I was being sincere and thought she really was good.

This got me thinking, I am just a sarcastic prick who says things to always imply the opposite. I do say the following:

* "Well this is perfect" when I come across traffic
* "Thanks for fixing me dinner" to my wife when I come home to find take out
* "What a beautiful part of town" when I drive through the ghetto

I have become the annoying sarcastic slacker dude. I don't know why it took the waitress comment for this to click in. Almost everything on this blog is satire. I have been getting better with my passive aggressive ways. Rather than say "that David Archuleta sure can sing" I say "David Archuleta sucks". That is progress, isn't it?

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